Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Style Fun

This weekend was full of outfit changes for me. But my fav was the one above where I'm striking a pose with one of my best girlfriends, Katharine. You've probably noticed I don't have any photos of myself posted. This is due to my lack of camera. It sadly died in a tragic Las Vegas accident last May, which I have yet to replace because I have more important things to spend my expendable income on ... such as nail polishes and shoes. 

I bought the dress as a present to myself last year for my 24th bday "Happy Birthday Lindsay! Love Lindsay." Probably one of my all time loves in my closet. It's a silk, backless, leopard print number by BluMoon (I love this brand so much, I brought it in for Summer 2012 and will be available this week at FA on Barrington). The dress is so comfortable and I feel very confident in it. I topped it off with a crop jean jacket from Citizen's of Humanity and some whicked high wedges from Same Edelman.

Because the maxi is such a statement piece, I didn't want it to get lost under a head of flowy locks (my head of hair consists of half my body weight) so I decided to go with an up-do. I'm obsessed with the top bun look. It is a great hair style if you're pinched for time and can't wash your hair. Here's a quick how to:

- Pull your hair in a high pony tail (I'm talking 80's high pony) and secure with a clear hair elastic. 
- Now tease the crap out of it. 
- Next step, shape the teased mess around the hair elastic to form a bun.
- Finish with a few bobbie pins and hair spray to hold in place. 

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