Monday, July 30, 2012

The Amazing Maxi

I was in New York last week and before I started packing I checked out the weather network which called for temperatures in the high 30's to low 40's. If you're unfamiliar with Halifax's climate, let's just say these types of conditions are very rare for us. So I had the task of searching my wardrobe for outfits that would be comfortable in the heat and professional. 

Instead of over thinking, I decided last minute on a few Rachel Pally maxi dresses. This is one of my all time fav brands and pieces in my closet. 

(Thank you Nicole for letting my borrow this baby)

You really can't go wrong with a good maxi dress. It can take you from day to night with very little thought. 

Because of these super comfy dresses I survived the wild heat that New York served up (non-airconditioned taxis and all).

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Essentials

It's pretty easy to plan out what trends you want to take advantage of each season. For this spring there were florals, neons and pastels galore. But, the tricky part is what do you fill in the blanks with? You know, the perfect pieces that will make your summer wardrobe complete - that give you versatility within your day-night activities.

Tibi maxi dress, Dannijo necklace, Tibi tank, Sam Edelman wedges, Tkees, 
Lace shorts, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Dannijo bracelet, Tibi heel, 
Graphic Muscle Tee, Denim Cutoffs

1. A maxi dress : This piece can take you from day to night and will be comfortable in any kind of summer weather. You can do this in silk or jersey and pair it with a high heel or a flip flop. 

2. Statement necklace : Take an evening look to the next level or glam it up with a basic white tee. The perfect accessory

3. Silk cami : Unlike a cotton or jersey tank, a silk cami can be brought very easily into any after 5 event with little to no thought at all.

5. Wedge : Purely for the comfort reason. You can be in these puppies all day and not have to worry about running home to switch your shoes. 

6. Flipflop : A beige flipflop can be tossed in your bag or car just in case of emergencies and you can get away with wearing them because they're neutral and blend in. There's nothing worse than ruining your plans because of sore feet. And you for sure don't want to be that girl, who is caught walking around town barefoot (trust me, I've been there a few too many times).

7. Printed shorts : I'm so over the party dress look. While sometimes the occasion calls for that little black dress, shorts are so in right now, and much more stylish. A printed short (I picked up an awesome pair of lace ones in Montreal last week!! ekkk!!) will be super cute to encorporate.

8. Bag : I've said this a million times, every girl needs a nice bag. It's an investment. End of story.

9. Statement Bracelet : Same reason as a necklace. A little wrist bling never hurt anyone.

10. Stiletto : While a wedge and flipflop are so practical, a high heel is essential to va-va-va-voom up any look.

11. Graphic Tee : While these tend to lean more on the casual side of the tracks, match a lacy bralette, some cute jewels and a wedge and hi. Instant style. Even with a boyfriend jean, to play up that masculine look.

12. Cutoffs : I dedicated an entire post to these a little bit ago. Need I say more?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Airplane Fashion Do's & Don'ts

A lot of people ask me for ideas on what to wear while flying. If I were my 16 year old self again I'd suggest my uggs, leggings and a big baggy hoodie. But now, at 25, my advice has shifted slightly. 

Air travel is never a ton of fun and normally uncomfortable so you want to wear something that you'll be able to wear while sitting down for hours on end. 

First rule of thumb : dress in layers. You'll never know what kind of temperature you're going to encounter

Kim Kardashian

A great scarf is ideal, just incase it gets chilly - it can double as a blanket.


Wrap sweaters are also great to wear on the plane. Like a scarf, they can act as blanket. Can you tell I'm all about warmth? There is nothing worse then being stuck on a plane and being cold.

Charlize Theron

Footwear is debatable and totally up to your own preference. I wear anything from flip flops (I've become obsessed with TKees recently) to high heels depending on my travel plans and length of the trip. If you're wearing open toed shoes chuck an extra pair of socks in your carry on just in case the AC is on blast.

Ashley Tisdale

What about skincare you may ask? I prefer to leave my face empty of any kind of product while flying. The air circulation on planes is so poor, after my flight my face ends up feeling gross. So sneak into the bathroom after your flight, wash your face, moisturize and apply your make up then. Trust me, this little tip will make you feel like a million bucks.

Comfort is key, but you don't cross the line into sloppy. I'm not saying to deck yourself out like you're going about your day to day activities. You don't want to be that girl in line, holding up security while you take off your multiple layers of rings, necklaces, bangles, belts etc. I love this Jenna Marbles vid that describes this pet peeve in detail. 

And you also don't want to pull a Lady Gaga and tumble over in your high heels. 

So be sensible and dress according to your flight length and travel planes. Opt for comfort but not sloppy. Have a safe flight :)