Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Spreading The Holiday Spirit

The holiday season is in full fledged effect. I find, bit by bit, the meaning of the season gets lost  amongst the hustle and bustle. Look at your shopping mall for example, it's crazy. So many people crammed in lines, crowding over each other, trying to purchase that perfect gift for that someone special. This to me, defeats the purpose of this magical season. When did Christmas turn into a cash cow?

Here's an idea, why not squash the wallet gaping gift giving tradition this year and try something new with your girlfriends. My proposition to you, is to host a holiday evening. I'm talking, a good old fashioned girls' night. Who wouldn't want to participate? 

Girl's Night In

You can set the dress code as casual or as dressy as you want. Personally, I like a slipper sock kind of girls' night (and you can each pick up a pair for $1 at your local dollar store). Nothing says fun, more than a pair of rainbow striped fuzzies. Bake some cookies. Make your own pizza. Drink some (and by some, I mean a bottle or two) wine. Paint your nails. And watch a typical flick. 

This way you get to enjoy each other's company and make a few memories to last into the new year.

What do you do with your budgeted holiday fund? Here's an idea, donate to your preferred charity or not for profit organization.  I don't mean to sway your vote, but the SPCA has a lot of adorable animals who need your love and help this season. 

Public donations to the Provincial Animal Shelter help offset the costs of animal care, which the shelter does not receive any government funding for. The below are the top 10 items the shelter needs:

Top Ten Most Needed Items:

  1. Kitty Litter (non clumping or Yesterday's news)
  2. Bleach
  3. Canadian Tire Money or points
  4. Plain White Copier paper (letter size)
  5. Large black or clear garbage bags
  6. Latex gloves (size medium)
  7. Paper towels
  8. Doggie poop bags
  9. Dog training 'clickers'
  10. Cat toys (mouse or ball type without catnip)
You can drop off your items at:

5 Scarfe Crt
Dartmouth, NS
(902) 468-7877

Happy holidays :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Interview Intervention

Have you ever Googled "interview outfits?" I did - yes it's embarrassing to admit but you can't blame a girl for being curious. It was probably one of the most unproductive searches I have performed.

Everything was so blah and neutral. There was no creativity or individuality. And isn't the point of an interview to set you apart from the pack? To show your personality.

Now, I know what you're thinking - what about professionalism? Who says style can't be professional? I'm not saying to go in wearing the latest cut-off trend as this can be a fine line to balance on.  However, if you really put your thinking cap on, you can pull it off. 

Celine Luggage Tote / Jimmy Choo Alicia Pump / Dannijo Coco Ring

I have been pining after this Tibi skirt ever since I saw Teen Vogue senior market fashion editor, Mary Kate Steinmiller, sporting it a whiles back. It's for sure on my wish list for Santa this year - hint hint mom, hint hint. 

This outfit may come across as slightly unorthodox for interview attire however, it is pretty much adhering to the traditional dress code. Because interviews can be a slightly uncomfortable and intimidating process the last thing you want to be is self conscious in your outfit. So take a risk and test the waters. You'll most likely be praised for your individuality and come across much more confident. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Gimme That Look

Last week, I feel in love with a look from Aimee Song of Song Of Style

Oh yes, now you can see why I loves this look so much. It's by designer Karen Millen and can be purchased at for $375.80 (+ shipping/taxes/duties). This is a perfect example of how an incredible stylist can transform a piece to make it her own. Loving the dramatic footwear choice - A+. 

I wanted to get this look, but without spending the contemporary price tag for an item that doesn't have a very high cost per wear. I've mentioned this term before, it means getting the most bang for your buck. For example, if you were to purchase the beautiful Karen Millen creation and only wear it once, you're paying $375/wear. But if you're going to wear it four times this holiday season you're paying $93/wear. This is a concept you should use when purchasing luxury goods. While this piece is absolutely beautiful, it's a statement dress that is easily recognizable each time you wear it.

So what I'm saying, is  invest in pieces that you can get multiple uses out of and spend less on novelty items.

Now onto the hunt! Seeing how the baroque trend is so on fire right now, it wasn't that hard to find an alternate.

What do you think? A pretty good alternative if I do say so myself! 

I own the Rebecca Minkoff Fling ... and believe me, this baby has been with me through thick and thin. 100% worth the price tag. The Steve Madden pumps were an amazing deal - sorry kids, but you miss the boat as they were on sale for $49 last week on the brand's official website. As for the skirt - well you really can't beat finding an item that's under 20 bucks! 


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Consumer Education

I’m going to let you in on a few tips and secrets on how to go about shopping in the safest way possible.

First off, it is your job as the consumer to educate yourself on your purchases and stores’ policies. Make sure you’re well equipped with the store’s return/exchange policy prior to checking out. It is the store’s duty to post their policy at the point of sale; however, it is your job as the consumer to ask before you purchase. If you’re unaware that a store does not return or exchange that it not the retailer’s fault.

Saying this, the holiday season is right around the corner and that means it’s time to start thinking about gift giving. So before you checkout, simply ask if you don’t know.

Secondly, know the product you’re buying. Read the label, research and utilize the world wide web – that’s what it’s there for people. It never hurt to compare pricing. You may realize there are shops out there that charge a hefty penny for some items that aren’t worth the price tag. I’m an extreme impulse buyer, so take my advice, shop around before you commit. It could save you a few Benjamin’s.

However, this leads me to my last point, know your facts when buying online.  There normally is a reason for a slight price difference online versus in store.

There are hidden costs you can get hit with at the door. When any commercial goods cross the border it has to go through customs. Who then decide on the duty charges – this depends on whether it was imported into the USA before coming to Canada and where the materials originated. This can cost you anywhere from 13% and higher. Most times you don’t know until the deliveryman comes to your door. Trust me, I ordered a pair of boots for $200 and was handed a bill for $80 from the UPS deliveryman before I could get my boots – such a buzz kill.

Happy shopping :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Girl's Night Out

I've been M.I.A due to the crazy month that is September and trickles into October. I will put up some of my pictures from market week after this post.

A few girlfriends and I went out for dinner on Friday night. Had a great time at The Bicycle Thief ... highly recommend! Amazing food and atmosphere.

Normally, I like to get all dolled up for a night out, but I had a slight change of heart Friday night because it was rainy and windy out - and hosiery just were not appealing at all. I really wanted to incorporate one of my fav new purchases - a green jersey from Artizia that was mocked after the Isabel Marant jersey top from the Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

Note : I think it is wonderful that you can purchase designer look-a-likes for less at stores such as H&M, Joe Fresh and Zara because not all of us have the budget for designer goods. However, it is important to give credit to where they originated from to truly appreciate the creativity that went into the design.

Isabel Marant top / Hudson Nico jeans / Steve Madden pump / 
Smythe Sharp Shoulder blazer / Rebecca Minkoff Racy clutch

So I paired my top with my fav fitting skinny at the time - the Hudson Nico in chelsea wash. It has a great mid rise, a flattering cut and enough stretch to be comfy yet not flimsy. Instead of loading on the jewels, I kept things simple with an accent shoe - this Steve Madden leopard print pump did the trick. Next, I threw on a neutral blazer and grabbed my studded clutch. Voila, ready to go!

I wanted to post about this because I felt it was a nice alternative to an after 5 look. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Closet Clean Up Review

I'm sure you've all scanned over my last post - I apologize for the massive amounts of photos - but I had to put my inventory list somewheres.  You probably won't believe me, but this was one of many closet clean outs (I feel like I'm admitting some addiction). I have an extremely bad issue with hoarding (not on the TLC reality show level, but still note worthy). If I invest my hard earned money in something I don't like to see it go to waist, so parting with an item is very hard for me.

However, I had an epiphany and decided to sort through my wardrobe and pick out all the pieces I did not wear this season. I thought this was going to be easy and therefore not have to pick out anything. But sadly, I had discovered far too many treasures that I had not worn. This was quit a realization and hopefully I'll be able to change my buying habits.

Instead of storing them for an occasion when I may wear it next year I put in a bag to sell. Note : if you didn't wear it this year, you for sure won't wear it next.
By doing this, it freed up a lot of space in my closet and rolling rack which made organizing my collection 10 times easier. All of my dresses and pants hung to one side of my closet. This was so my maxi's wouldn't drag and look sloppy, and my pants would not get creased when thrown over a hanger.

My denim hoard was then put into the shelving units within my built in wardrobe organizer and sorted by light denim, dark denim, printed and shorts. Each category had its own shelf.

For my rolling rack, it was sorted by top classification. Basic tank top, dressy tank top, basic tees, blouses, sweaters, blazers and jackets. 

To finish off, colour code each section to really see what you have and what you need to fill in the blanks.

I know what you're thinking, what about shoes? This is where I run into a wall. My shoe collection always stumps me because of my limited space. Currently, they are stacked on one side of my closet in original boxes. Stay tuned for when I find the missing link - a shoe rack that fits into my room.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rain, Rain ... Fashion Don't Go Away

It was a gloomy, doomy day today in Halifax. They skies opened up and let loose from start to finish. I do enjoy a rainy day - curled up with a good book and some tea perhaps. However, today I was at work watching mother nature unfold. And when she rained it poured terrible fashion mishaps. 

I know it is a huge inconvenience to women when it rains. Your hair frizzes up and never looks quit right, your footwear has to be carefully planned and you need to pack a second pair and your outfit must be weather savvy. 

Here are a few tips on how to stay right during a rainy day.

1. Don't bother styling your hair. A freshly washed and blow dryed do' will not fair well in bad weather. Skip the shower for your locks and throw them up in a top knot. You will have little to no frizz and it should stay fairly in tact through out the day.

Shenae Grimes sporting the look

2. I don't know about you, but I HATE trekking through the city with wet feet - they feel gross and dirty, yuck. This is a pain in the butt, but it has to be done. Ladies, pack a pair of inside shoes and pull on your rubber boots for slushing around outside. Don't be one of those silly people on the corner waiting for the light to change prancing around to avoid the puddles. It's raining, you're going to get wet. So take the proper precautions.

Ashley Olsen in a pair of Hunter rain boots

3. Dress comfy. Don't wear jeans, you're going to chafe and be sticky. Don't wear a dress, you're going to feel sticky. Wear a bottom that is going to breath well after getting damp - like a jersey, cotton or jegging. I wore a legging today with a tank and a printed car coat and I felt pretty good going outside.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Zafira Feature

I was so excited to get dressed today ... I'm excited to put my outfits together every morning to be honest ... but today, today was different. I got to sport my very first Zafira Apparel piece!

In case you didn't already know, Zafira Apparel is a newly launched ready to wear line designed by Halifax's own Conni Zafiris (whom I get to call one of my besties ... since I was 5 - just ask my mom). The collection is best known for its bold prints and colourful rompers, high low minis and maxis and playful peplums.

dress : Zafira Apparel / bag : Rebecca Minkoff / sandals : Sam Edelman

Before Conni left for Montreal earlier this week, I was able to snatch this beautiful baby from her collection. By the way, sorry Conni if you're just realizing this is missing ... can we call it an early Christmas present?

I'm obsessed with the mint green and aruba blue colour combo. It makes going from a 9-5 look easy into happy hour. I paired it with a brown sandal and woven belt to pull the look together. Now normally I'm opposed to adding a bag as an outfit accent, however this Rebecca Minkoff MAC has a python print that complements the Zafira Apparel beauty. Throw on some neon pink polish and hello summer fabulous.

For orders, check on the Zafira Apparel Etsy site :) 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Miroslava Duma : Style Obsession

After spending a few hours (and when I say a few, I may have spent an entire days worth ... but who's counting) of catching up on my favourite blogs and street style photographs I developed quit the girl crush on a certain style icon.

Introducing, former Harper's Bazaar Russia editor and current freelance writer, 
Miroslava Duma. 

photographs via Harper's Bazaar & 

Not only is she one of THE best dressed women out there, but she's only 28 years old and extremely accomplished in the fashion industry. Considering where most people her age are in their careers, she is far beyond the curve. You go girlfriend!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Less is more ...

I have to pay homage to The Man Repeller for bringing her crazy sense of style that has inspired it's own home in the fashion world. For those of you who are unfamiliar with her cult following, I'm referencing "the arm party." This has made your jewelry choices more important than your outfit choices.

While I have a huge appreciation for accessories and LOVE sending the jewelry gods into a system overload ... sometimes less is more.
Gap belt / Tibi dress / Sam Edelman sandals / 
Giorgio Armani lipstick / Rebecca Minkoff hobo

Simplistic style is harder to achieve than participating in a trend. Trends are bottled and packaged with instructions written on the bottle. Simplicity is something you can not purchase right off the shelf.

I'll give you a few tips on how to create your niche in this category. Start with a basic dress that has a special detail or flare to its design. For example, the Tibi waffle-knit I featured above. It looks like a pretty plain day dress, however it has a very lux fabric and a beautiful full A-line skirt. Keep it simple with the accessories but make sure that they have a common theme. I chose a brown woven belt that matched a pair of brown flat sandals.

For a handbag you may think you want to pair your outfit with an accent bag, to add a pop. Don't do this. This is a common mistake made my many a fashionista. Remember, less is more. You'll end up looking like you're trying to hard and the key to having style is looking effortless. Choose a handbag that blends your look together.

I did add a bit of drama with a red lip - because who doesn't love a little lip colour fun! And voila! You have just created an instant chic outfit with no bells and whistles.

Monday, July 30, 2012

The Amazing Maxi

I was in New York last week and before I started packing I checked out the weather network which called for temperatures in the high 30's to low 40's. If you're unfamiliar with Halifax's climate, let's just say these types of conditions are very rare for us. So I had the task of searching my wardrobe for outfits that would be comfortable in the heat and professional. 

Instead of over thinking, I decided last minute on a few Rachel Pally maxi dresses. This is one of my all time fav brands and pieces in my closet. 

(Thank you Nicole for letting my borrow this baby)

You really can't go wrong with a good maxi dress. It can take you from day to night with very little thought. 

Because of these super comfy dresses I survived the wild heat that New York served up (non-airconditioned taxis and all).

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer Essentials

It's pretty easy to plan out what trends you want to take advantage of each season. For this spring there were florals, neons and pastels galore. But, the tricky part is what do you fill in the blanks with? You know, the perfect pieces that will make your summer wardrobe complete - that give you versatility within your day-night activities.

Tibi maxi dress, Dannijo necklace, Tibi tank, Sam Edelman wedges, Tkees, 
Lace shorts, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Dannijo bracelet, Tibi heel, 
Graphic Muscle Tee, Denim Cutoffs

1. A maxi dress : This piece can take you from day to night and will be comfortable in any kind of summer weather. You can do this in silk or jersey and pair it with a high heel or a flip flop. 

2. Statement necklace : Take an evening look to the next level or glam it up with a basic white tee. The perfect accessory

3. Silk cami : Unlike a cotton or jersey tank, a silk cami can be brought very easily into any after 5 event with little to no thought at all.

5. Wedge : Purely for the comfort reason. You can be in these puppies all day and not have to worry about running home to switch your shoes. 

6. Flipflop : A beige flipflop can be tossed in your bag or car just in case of emergencies and you can get away with wearing them because they're neutral and blend in. There's nothing worse than ruining your plans because of sore feet. And you for sure don't want to be that girl, who is caught walking around town barefoot (trust me, I've been there a few too many times).

7. Printed shorts : I'm so over the party dress look. While sometimes the occasion calls for that little black dress, shorts are so in right now, and much more stylish. A printed short (I picked up an awesome pair of lace ones in Montreal last week!! ekkk!!) will be super cute to encorporate.

8. Bag : I've said this a million times, every girl needs a nice bag. It's an investment. End of story.

9. Statement Bracelet : Same reason as a necklace. A little wrist bling never hurt anyone.

10. Stiletto : While a wedge and flipflop are so practical, a high heel is essential to va-va-va-voom up any look.

11. Graphic Tee : While these tend to lean more on the casual side of the tracks, match a lacy bralette, some cute jewels and a wedge and hi. Instant style. Even with a boyfriend jean, to play up that masculine look.

12. Cutoffs : I dedicated an entire post to these a little bit ago. Need I say more?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Airplane Fashion Do's & Don'ts

A lot of people ask me for ideas on what to wear while flying. If I were my 16 year old self again I'd suggest my uggs, leggings and a big baggy hoodie. But now, at 25, my advice has shifted slightly. 

Air travel is never a ton of fun and normally uncomfortable so you want to wear something that you'll be able to wear while sitting down for hours on end. 

First rule of thumb : dress in layers. You'll never know what kind of temperature you're going to encounter

Kim Kardashian

A great scarf is ideal, just incase it gets chilly - it can double as a blanket.


Wrap sweaters are also great to wear on the plane. Like a scarf, they can act as blanket. Can you tell I'm all about warmth? There is nothing worse then being stuck on a plane and being cold.

Charlize Theron

Footwear is debatable and totally up to your own preference. I wear anything from flip flops (I've become obsessed with TKees recently) to high heels depending on my travel plans and length of the trip. If you're wearing open toed shoes chuck an extra pair of socks in your carry on just in case the AC is on blast.

Ashley Tisdale

What about skincare you may ask? I prefer to leave my face empty of any kind of product while flying. The air circulation on planes is so poor, after my flight my face ends up feeling gross. So sneak into the bathroom after your flight, wash your face, moisturize and apply your make up then. Trust me, this little tip will make you feel like a million bucks.

Comfort is key, but you don't cross the line into sloppy. I'm not saying to deck yourself out like you're going about your day to day activities. You don't want to be that girl in line, holding up security while you take off your multiple layers of rings, necklaces, bangles, belts etc. I love this Jenna Marbles vid that describes this pet peeve in detail. 

And you also don't want to pull a Lady Gaga and tumble over in your high heels. 

So be sensible and dress according to your flight length and travel planes. Opt for comfort but not sloppy. Have a safe flight :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cut-Off Craze

I'm off to Montreal next week woop woop! I'm beginging to think out my wardrobe strategy, and all I wanted to incorporate are my cut offs. They are my new obsession. End of story.

The Man Repller sporting some amazing Kshubi cut-offs

I went on a major hunt last year and picked up a pair of destroyed vintage Levi's at my fav boutique in Montreal - Editorial.

But I wasn't quit fullfilled. A few months ago, I saw a posting of a tie dyed pair and it was my goal to find them - a life mission to be exact. I searched high and low and came up empty handed. A rule of thumb with vintage anything really, is to try them on, as size charts go out the window on these items.

Ashley Medekwe of Ring My Bell

While in New York last month I found the jackpot in Urban Outfitters. Who would've thought?! I was searching for some new graphic tees (another style crush I've developed) and BAM I saw a glorious pile of tie dyed amazing-ness. They made their debut on my 25th birthday celebrations.

like the above from Editorial Boutique

Why I love the cut off look so much (beside the fact that they are extremely comfortable) is that you can take them from day to night so easily. Check out the pic below of Olivia Palermo sporting her denim minis and pairing them with a cheetah coat (Tibi to be exact ... I may or may not have duplicated this exact look ... maybe).

They are no longer just for the beach ladies! Feel free to incorporate cut-offs into your everyday looks (but avoid if in an office environment) for an extremely stylish look :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

New York Quickie

I was just recently in New York to view a few collections. And by recently, I mean I home late last night and am still in a groggy state while a large load of pending laundry. Traveling blues aside, I must say, it was pretty nice to get out of Halifax, even if it was only for 2 days. New York is just on another level. The energy in general is so inspirational, it makes getting out of bed enjoyable.

While I've been buying Tibi for a few seasons now, I've never been able to actually visit their Soho showroom. This was my very first stop (after a lovely early morning flight) and I was beyond excited. This was like finally getting to see Santa's Workshop for the very first time.

After my appointment finished up, and a very delicious lunch from the Hampton Chutney Co. (which everyone NEEDS to try ... too delicious for words) where I devoured the grilled chicken and goat cheese dosa, it was time to take a little visit to the Tibi store. Every girl's shopping fantasy comes true here. Just magical.

Now time for the next stop (well, not exactly the next stop ... I just had to squeeze in a few hours of enjoying the shops and sites in Soho - mandatory). I hopped into a taxi to meet up with the lovely ladies of Dannijo in the Meat Packing District. This area of NY is probably my favourite. If you haven't been, make sure it's on your to-do list for next time. 

The really cool thing about Dannijo is that their showroom is a one stop shop. Everyone is all hands on deck. While I was drooling over their FW12 and Holiday12 collection Jodi Snyder popped her head in. If you're unfamiliar with the line, Jodie is 1/2 of the sister design team. 

A big shout out to their incredibly talented merchandiser. I was blow away with the visual representation of the collection's roots.

I needed to showcase one of my fav pieces on the line ... that bib with the mini cameos. You will be mine.

Onto Belstaff. A leather jacket line, that you would sell your left leg to own a piece. Which now, branched out to a complete lifestyle brand offering sportswear, bags and footwear. Chic is an understatement. The 5th Ave. showroom is nothing but perfection. It was a real honour to have such an experience. 

It wouldn't be a NYC trip without an incredible dining experience, and the typical photo shoot of the meals. My friend Andrew took me to Pounds and Ounces in Chelsea for some tasty food and much needed wine. I really don't need to say much more, let your appetite increase by looking at our meals.

Thank you NYC! See you soon :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sneaky Sneak Style

I had a convo with one of my girlfriends last week about the emerging sneaker trend that has been sneaking up over the last couple months. I was hesitant when Isabel Marant came out with her wedge sneakers but I can't stop drooling over them.

Now celebs have been spotted sporting them everywhere. Including Beyonce, in her video "Love On Top".

Aren't they the cutest? An adorable foot accessory without the pain of a 6 inch heel. Even supermodels are rocking them.

Where Isabel Marant's sneaks are going to put you back $660 (+ shipping +duties +taxes .. we live in Canada kids so make sure you calculate these extras into your online purchases) you can get the same look with Ashe's Cool Wedge Sneaker for half the price:

But going even further with the sneaker trend, Rihanna wore some pretty fierce (no pun intended) leopard printed Jeremy Scott Adidas at Coachella this year. I'm not much of an active wear lover, but these are totally working for her. She did cut off the tail ... good choice girlfriend.

Where this trend goes wrong ... enter Kimmy K. Kanye has seemed to slightly influence her style - but for the worst. I think she just looks silly. But hey, I don't want to influence your feelings here, what are your thoughts on her new look?