Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Victoria's Secret .. what's THEIR secret?

Last night a girlfriend and I curled up on the couch to watch the 2011 Victoria Secret Runway show. While photos have been on the web for quit a whiles now, the show was still mindblowing. I snatched a few of these pics from Tommy Ton's photoblog.

Enjoy :)

The superman section was so creative .. where can I get a pair of those boots?

Of course an angel needed her wings!

A rock star and a supermodel ... very fitting

And she JUST had a bebe ... work it

To bare or not to bare .. that is the question

This time of year is probably the hardest for girls to dress weather appropriate. You get the ones who are sporting the open toed, strappy heels with sundresses and those wearing their fuzzy boots and parkas. We’re in that confusing transitional season called pre-fall.

Summer, for the most part, has come and gone. So sadly ladies, it’s time to pack away your summer gear and bring out your fall duds. However, there is an exception as we are transitioning. You can still make some of your key summer looks weather appropriate. Remember that favorite silk skirt you loved so much – that was perfect for pretty much any summer occasion? Well, pair it with a leather jacket or a sweater and throw on a pair of cute booties and you will have just made that perfect summer piece wearable for this season.

But on the other end of the spectrum it is far too early to be busting out the Canada Goose parka. Save that for those below zero, bone chilling winter days. Nobody needs to be reminded of those dark times just yet. A trench coat or a wool blazer would be the way to go here and you can accessorize it with a flowy scarf (try a Matta scarf, they are not only beautiful but are a celebrity fav).

If you get confused check out the fashion blog “The Sartorialist” for inspiration. There are great photos of amazing street style. Or if you’re a fan of the show 90210, think of what the cast wears in the wintertime and that should give you a pretty good guideline line. Yes, 90210 is one of my guilty pleasures … isn’t it everyone’s?

So not only are transitional seasons difficult to navigate a wardrobe but they bring along a dilemma that stumps most young female Haligonians - the constant struggle between bare legs and tights. This is a tricky one because we all know that evenings in Halifax can be up in the air weather wise. My rule of thumb is once October hits it is time to strap those puppies into a pair of tights. This leads me to one of my biggest pet peeves. It sends shivers down my spine when looking at a bar line up and witnessing groups of girls huddled together while their bare legs shake in unison. Come on ladies, we live in Nova Scotia not Florida. A good pair of tights will not only complete your look and pull all your pieces together but will keep your legs goose bump free.

Now, when I say tights I’m not referring to the panty hose worn by your grandmother that come up to your arm pits. Nor am I talking about leggings (that I must say are being spotted on the streets of Halifax a few too many times these days). I’m talking about a nice pair of sheers or opaque tights. You can find these pretty much anywhere and at any price. But if you’re feeling like a little treat, try out Wolford tights. They come in so many great colours, thick-nesses and patterns.

There are always exceptions to every rule so use your judgment when mixing your summer and fall fashions. Just keep in mind that the time for summer dresses are over but the time for winter boots has not yet arrived.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

TEASER : The Craziness That Is Market Week ... more like month

Last week I got to be immersed in the amazing-ness that is New York City. I was there to view collections for Spring 2012. For those of you who are a tad unfamiliar with the fashion industry, the seasons are reversed. You buy Spring in Fall and Fall in Spring ... confusing yes but wonderful!

Before I dive too much into my trip I wanted to share a little piece of heaven with you ...

Yes ladies and gentlemen that is THE Zac Posen.

We got to chat a bit with the infamous designer in his showroom while viewing his Spring collection for his bridge line Z Spoke. He said when he thought of Nova Scotia he thought of little white bunnies running around ... I'm pretty sure he was referring to White Point. I fell in love with this man, who wouldn't really?! Probably my fav comment of his was when he said that I must be from New York City .... ohhh a girl can dream for when that day comes.

More to come!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Popping the Blogging Cherry

I recently discovered the addicting and amazing world of fashion blogging. After reading post upon post, day in and day out I got an itch to create my own. I wanted to express my own thoughts and opinions along with my hates and loves.

I figured since this is my first post, I should keep it simple and just get my feet wet a little. So I'm posting a recent fashion column I wrote for a local magazine. Enjoy :)

Okay girls, fall is just around the corner and this season has so many amazing trends and looks to be inspired by, so I’m asking all of you (actually begging), pack up your lululemon stretchy pants – they’re for exercising, not for everyday wear – keep your sweatpants at home and look your best this September. We’ve all been guilty of being a little bit too casual on occasion, and who wants to be uncomfortable while enduring hours upon hours of lecture halls anyways? Not me that’s for sure! But I’ll let you in on a little secret; you can be comfy and stylish at the same time!   

For example, a great maxi skirt is a way to be super comfy while still looking like a million bucks. Say goodbye to your trusted minis ladies, it’s all about longer hemlines this season! This look is not just for summertime. Pair an easy-cozy gray maxi with a chunky sweater, a graphic tee or your fav blazer for a very trendy look this fall. Try out the French Connection maxi to complete this must-have look.

Retro was not just a look for spring. It’s back and bigger than ever for fall. The easiest way to complete this look would be with a flare or bell-bottom jean. If you’re feeling adventurous pick up a pair of high-wasted flares and tuck in a printed blouse for a look straight off the runway. The Angie Super Flare by Citizen’s of Humanity or the J Brand Bette are two great denim styles to try. And a little tip, Equipment makes fantastic blouses in prints and solids that can double-up as trendy and classic all in one.

If you’re still not wowed by these suggestions, accessories are a great way to jazz up anything basic. Whether it’s a pair of jeans and a white tee or a little black dress – why not have your own personal (in the words of one of my fav bloggers: The Man Repeller) arm party? Stack a whole bunch of bracelets, bangles and cuffs sky high. Shashi is a great line that offers bold, silk-woven cord bracelets accented with gems. The bracelets come in a massive selection of colours, sizes, styles and bling. Pair your golds with silvers, your browns with blacks…anything goes!

Finally, let’s talk handbags. Recyclable bags gifted at stores are not appropriate totes for young ladies. This is a classic move that many girls make, and completely downgrades an outfit. Longchamp Paris Le Plaige handbags are perfect for day-to-day errands and even for school bags. These bags are made of canvas and come in every colour under the sun to satisfy everyone’s taste. I’ve had mine for over three years now and it still looks brand new. Rebecca Minkoff are also great bags, a slightly higher price point but worth every penny. If you want to look like you’ve stepped off the set of Gossip Girl, throw one of those over your shoulder and you’re set.

So remember – no more sweatpants in public (please, please, please), fashion can be comfortable, accessories are an easy way to add style and a handbag can make or break your outfit. Keep these tips in mind and you'll have no problem staying on trend this season