Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Interview Intervention

Have you ever Googled "interview outfits?" I did - yes it's embarrassing to admit but you can't blame a girl for being curious. It was probably one of the most unproductive searches I have performed.

Everything was so blah and neutral. There was no creativity or individuality. And isn't the point of an interview to set you apart from the pack? To show your personality.

Now, I know what you're thinking - what about professionalism? Who says style can't be professional? I'm not saying to go in wearing the latest cut-off trend as this can be a fine line to balance on.  However, if you really put your thinking cap on, you can pull it off. 

Celine Luggage Tote / Jimmy Choo Alicia Pump / Dannijo Coco Ring

I have been pining after this Tibi skirt ever since I saw Teen Vogue senior market fashion editor, Mary Kate Steinmiller, sporting it a whiles back. It's for sure on my wish list for Santa this year - hint hint mom, hint hint. 

This outfit may come across as slightly unorthodox for interview attire however, it is pretty much adhering to the traditional dress code. Because interviews can be a slightly uncomfortable and intimidating process the last thing you want to be is self conscious in your outfit. So take a risk and test the waters. You'll most likely be praised for your individuality and come across much more confident. 

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