Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Closet Clean Out Clutter

Late last night I got the cleaning bug and then decided I had absolutely nothing in my closet(s) and rolling rack(s). Yes I have multiple closets and a rolling rack - situated smack dab in the middle of my room. When people come into my room, I feel like an over eater whose secret stash of ho-hos were just discovered.

After I started purging, and purging and purging some more I asked myself : how did you get to this point? Because. when I bought these items I had justified them. "I need this.""I have nothing like this.""This is so on trend, it's a must have." "It will go with everything." And my personal fav reasoning, "it's classic, I'll have it forever." But alas, after all that shopaholic reasoning (remember the scene in Confessions of a Shopaholic?!),

I am left with a massive pile that is ready to be packed off and shipped to a local consignment store ... some with the tags still attached. YIKES!

Once I cleaned out a good portion of my over sized collection another underlying problem came to light. My actual really good, investment pieces that do fit my irrational thinking outlined above are hidden amongst a sea of impulse purchases that should've been left in the fitting rooms or online shopping cart.

I am making a pledge, going forward I will only purchase very thought out items that I know I will get my cost per wear. What is cost per wear you might ask? Well, say you purchase a winter coat and invest quit a lot of funds into it but you wear it every day of the season. At the end of the winter you will have spent very little per wear and therefore, got your moneys worth. On the other hand, say you have a special event and pay the exact same for a dress than you would've for that winter coat. The flip side here, is that you only wear that dress once. Therefore, your cost per wear is much higher. Priorities, priorities, priorities ladies.

After saying all that, I must share with you my latest purchase! I have been scouring high and low for flats. Not just any flats, but the perfect pair. Neutral enough to wear with multiple outfits, but special enough that add a pop to any outfit. I wasn't prepared to spend an arm and a leg for these puppies either as I am very hard on my shoes. But last night, I came across a pair that caught my eyes ...

These little babies are the MAGPIE2 Toecap Pointed Shoes from TopShop. While I am a firm believer of supporting local business, I find shoe shopping almost near impossible in Halifax so I normally end up purchasing online.

I am crossing my fingers that I have turned over a new leaf in purchasing habits ... until my willpower takes a day off ... again. Foreign Affair did just receive the Rebecca Minkoff Mini 5 Zip in Neon Yellow... No! Bad Lindsay!

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