Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ready or Not

Again, another post on how to dress according to Halifax weather. One fashion faux-paux a lot of girls fall victim to is the premature exposure of skin. 

Our weather is very up and down and the temperature turns up unexpectedly. Like today for example. We sat comfortable around 20 degrees, which is very warm for this time of year. It's been very cold and muggy for the past few weeks so a lot of people jumped the gun this afternoon.

I saw a lot of very untanned, untoned legs (and some booties) strutting around Barrington Street. I am not one to hate on pasty white skin - I'm Irish and do not tan in the least, I freckle so it's an optical illusion - however, I am an avid pusher of self tanner. I know a lot of girls out there hit the tanning beds to prep for Spring but I do not advise this route because of the dangerous side effects. I've had to have a few chunks of skin removed because of over sun exposure (a mistake made while working for years at a tanning salon during university) so I know first hand of it's effects. Try St. Tropez or Clarins Delicious self tanning creams to get the same effects - minus the skin damage. 

Enough ranting and back to the topic at hand. It's May ladies, not August. You're on a populated street in the downtown core, not playing beach volleyball at the beach. Cutoffs and tube tops are inappropriate. So are halter tops and jean skirts.

Here's what I decided to wear today:

Ready or Not

jeans : 7 For All Mankind / t-shirt : James Perse / knit : old / sandals : Sam Edleman / 
necklace : House of Harlow / polish : Zoya (courtesy of Jay Wells Salon)

Remember, just because the temperature spikes does not give you an excuse to bring out your summer wear. You can still look hot without looking like a hot mess. 

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