Sunday, May 13, 2012

Less Is More ... More is More

I love the minimalist look, it's sexier then an over done and over though outfit (these normally come off as ridiculous and unoriginal). BUT if done properly, mixing prints and colours that don't match in the least is amazing too as it shows off your creativity. Here are a few of my fav looks of the moment.

A leather high waisted short is essential - or any shorts really, but I love me some leather. The bootie is a great investment too as it's season-less. She's also rocking a sheer top to expose a bralette which I'm obsessed with at the moment. It's not a sleazy look (as some exposed under garments are - like a peak-a-boo bra strap or a black push up bra) , it's ultra feminine and very pretty.

This girl just gets it in every way possible (can you see why she was voted "Sexiest Cyber Star" by Victoria Secret?) Let's highlight the half tuck right now, a great style to reinvent your oversized blouse - gives it a nice twist and shows off your figure too.

Here's what I mean by mixing prints that wouldn't normally go. A large floral and a small leopard. But by combining a top in the same blue as the pants, and pairing the clutch with a leather jacket to bring the edgier side in makes the outfit cohesive. 

I love her style - the definition of understated sexy. Such a soft colour palette can be thrown off normally with a black shoe, but these sandals work perfectly because they're very dainty. Jean shorts can be tricky too - but these have a nice rise and fit to balance off the cut offs. 

MMmmmm leopard again .. and it's Tibi. So obvi I'm all over this. I actually brought in this suit to the store this season (in the pant vs the shorts though). This is how woman should dress to the office, I'm so over the traditional masculine suit - it's outdated and blah. So women of Halifax please take note.

 I just recently stumbled upon Ashley's blog - Ring My Bell. Again, with the leather shorts - a must as I've already drilled. I love how she didn't do the classic stacked bracelets of over load on necklaces. AND adding the neon in a shoe finishes this look perfectly. It's risky, because just like throwing on a black shoe adding a bold coloured shoe can do the same. But this totally works for sure. Excellent job.

Here she is again - my new fav. The tie-dye jean cut offs are crazy - I want them.

I don't even think I need to elaborate on this one. The entire style speaks for itself. Maxi-Metallic-Proenza-Hi.

Another perfect print on print. However, I might have opted for a different shoe - something more neutral.

She's just adorable. Little sneaks, cut offs and a pink tee.

This jacket reminds me of my newest love that's sitting in my closet. So I needed to share.

A client pointed me in the direction of Chriselle's blog. Her style is so feminine and beautiful. I'm love the high-low dress and how she matched her belt, shoes and bag - totally pulls the look together.

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