Friday, January 11, 2013

New Year's Eve Throwback

Happy 2013 Everyone - slight belated I know. But I wanted to share with you the inspiration behind my outfit selected to ring in the new year.

pants : Pink Boutique / blouse : Vince / necklace : Anne Klein 

I based my entire look around some killer sequin pants I found on a UK based website called Pink Boutique. Who wants sequins pants? Well I did. In fact, I developed an insane obsession with finding a pair of my own after I stumbled upon a picture on twitter.

This gem of a look is from @PrettyGrlProb. She posts hilarious tweets that most girls can relate too and amazing outfit inspirations. Instantly I feel in love with this look and needed to replicate it.


After the pants arrived, and fitted perfectly I must add- thank you online shopping gods - I went to work on assembling the missing pieces. To my closet I went and pulled out a pair of stiletto pointy toed suede pumps for footwear and a graphic tee. But to my disappointment, the tee failed in comparison to the original. So on went my thinking cap as I snuck into Mumsie's closet. After a little tweaking and tucking, I made her beautiful black silk asymmetrical blouse do the trick. 

Jewels, another road block. My beloved statement necklace gave in to the hundreds of wears it has endured over the last few years and crumbled to the floor. In a fluster, I made a last minute trip to The Bay. After some serious searching, I found the perfect necklace and it was at a steal of a bargain. 


I must gloat slightly for a moment. Danielle, from the street style blog WE WORE WHAT?, dawned a very similar, if not exact, look for New Year's Eve. Who stole whose look?

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