Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cut-Off Craze

I'm off to Montreal next week woop woop! I'm beginging to think out my wardrobe strategy, and all I wanted to incorporate are my cut offs. They are my new obsession. End of story.

The Man Repller sporting some amazing Kshubi cut-offs

I went on a major hunt last year and picked up a pair of destroyed vintage Levi's at my fav boutique in Montreal - Editorial.

But I wasn't quit fullfilled. A few months ago, I saw a posting of a tie dyed pair and it was my goal to find them - a life mission to be exact. I searched high and low and came up empty handed. A rule of thumb with vintage anything really, is to try them on, as size charts go out the window on these items.

Ashley Medekwe of Ring My Bell

While in New York last month I found the jackpot in Urban Outfitters. Who would've thought?! I was searching for some new graphic tees (another style crush I've developed) and BAM I saw a glorious pile of tie dyed amazing-ness. They made their debut on my 25th birthday celebrations.

like the above from Editorial Boutique

Why I love the cut off look so much (beside the fact that they are extremely comfortable) is that you can take them from day to night so easily. Check out the pic below of Olivia Palermo sporting her denim minis and pairing them with a cheetah coat (Tibi to be exact ... I may or may not have duplicated this exact look ... maybe).

They are no longer just for the beach ladies! Feel free to incorporate cut-offs into your everyday looks (but avoid if in an office environment) for an extremely stylish look :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

New York Quickie

I was just recently in New York to view a few collections. And by recently, I mean I home late last night and am still in a groggy state while a large load of pending laundry. Traveling blues aside, I must say, it was pretty nice to get out of Halifax, even if it was only for 2 days. New York is just on another level. The energy in general is so inspirational, it makes getting out of bed enjoyable.

While I've been buying Tibi for a few seasons now, I've never been able to actually visit their Soho showroom. This was my very first stop (after a lovely early morning flight) and I was beyond excited. This was like finally getting to see Santa's Workshop for the very first time.

After my appointment finished up, and a very delicious lunch from the Hampton Chutney Co. (which everyone NEEDS to try ... too delicious for words) where I devoured the grilled chicken and goat cheese dosa, it was time to take a little visit to the Tibi store. Every girl's shopping fantasy comes true here. Just magical.

Now time for the next stop (well, not exactly the next stop ... I just had to squeeze in a few hours of enjoying the shops and sites in Soho - mandatory). I hopped into a taxi to meet up with the lovely ladies of Dannijo in the Meat Packing District. This area of NY is probably my favourite. If you haven't been, make sure it's on your to-do list for next time. 

The really cool thing about Dannijo is that their showroom is a one stop shop. Everyone is all hands on deck. While I was drooling over their FW12 and Holiday12 collection Jodi Snyder popped her head in. If you're unfamiliar with the line, Jodie is 1/2 of the sister design team. 

A big shout out to their incredibly talented merchandiser. I was blow away with the visual representation of the collection's roots.

I needed to showcase one of my fav pieces on the line ... that bib with the mini cameos. You will be mine.

Onto Belstaff. A leather jacket line, that you would sell your left leg to own a piece. Which now, branched out to a complete lifestyle brand offering sportswear, bags and footwear. Chic is an understatement. The 5th Ave. showroom is nothing but perfection. It was a real honour to have such an experience. 

It wouldn't be a NYC trip without an incredible dining experience, and the typical photo shoot of the meals. My friend Andrew took me to Pounds and Ounces in Chelsea for some tasty food and much needed wine. I really don't need to say much more, let your appetite increase by looking at our meals.

Thank you NYC! See you soon :)