Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Spreading The Holiday Spirit

The holiday season is in full fledged effect. I find, bit by bit, the meaning of the season gets lost  amongst the hustle and bustle. Look at your shopping mall for example, it's crazy. So many people crammed in lines, crowding over each other, trying to purchase that perfect gift for that someone special. This to me, defeats the purpose of this magical season. When did Christmas turn into a cash cow?

Here's an idea, why not squash the wallet gaping gift giving tradition this year and try something new with your girlfriends. My proposition to you, is to host a holiday evening. I'm talking, a good old fashioned girls' night. Who wouldn't want to participate? 

Girl's Night In

You can set the dress code as casual or as dressy as you want. Personally, I like a slipper sock kind of girls' night (and you can each pick up a pair for $1 at your local dollar store). Nothing says fun, more than a pair of rainbow striped fuzzies. Bake some cookies. Make your own pizza. Drink some (and by some, I mean a bottle or two) wine. Paint your nails. And watch a typical flick. 

This way you get to enjoy each other's company and make a few memories to last into the new year.

What do you do with your budgeted holiday fund? Here's an idea, donate to your preferred charity or not for profit organization.  I don't mean to sway your vote, but the SPCA has a lot of adorable animals who need your love and help this season. 

Public donations to the Provincial Animal Shelter help offset the costs of animal care, which the shelter does not receive any government funding for. The below are the top 10 items the shelter needs:

Top Ten Most Needed Items:

  1. Kitty Litter (non clumping or Yesterday's news)
  2. Bleach
  3. Canadian Tire Money or points
  4. Plain White Copier paper (letter size)
  5. Large black or clear garbage bags
  6. Latex gloves (size medium)
  7. Paper towels
  8. Doggie poop bags
  9. Dog training 'clickers'
  10. Cat toys (mouse or ball type without catnip)
You can drop off your items at:

5 Scarfe Crt
Dartmouth, NS
(902) 468-7877

Happy holidays :)