Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Zafira Feature

I was so excited to get dressed today ... I'm excited to put my outfits together every morning to be honest ... but today, today was different. I got to sport my very first Zafira Apparel piece!

In case you didn't already know, Zafira Apparel is a newly launched ready to wear line designed by Halifax's own Conni Zafiris (whom I get to call one of my besties ... since I was 5 - just ask my mom). The collection is best known for its bold prints and colourful rompers, high low minis and maxis and playful peplums.

dress : Zafira Apparel / bag : Rebecca Minkoff / sandals : Sam Edelman

Before Conni left for Montreal earlier this week, I was able to snatch this beautiful baby from her collection. By the way, sorry Conni if you're just realizing this is missing ... can we call it an early Christmas present?

I'm obsessed with the mint green and aruba blue colour combo. It makes going from a 9-5 look easy into happy hour. I paired it with a brown sandal and woven belt to pull the look together. Now normally I'm opposed to adding a bag as an outfit accent, however this Rebecca Minkoff MAC has a python print that complements the Zafira Apparel beauty. Throw on some neon pink polish and hello summer fabulous.

For orders, check on the Zafira Apparel Etsy site :) 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Miroslava Duma : Style Obsession

After spending a few hours (and when I say a few, I may have spent an entire days worth ... but who's counting) of catching up on my favourite blogs and street style photographs I developed quit the girl crush on a certain style icon.

Introducing, former Harper's Bazaar Russia editor and current freelance writer, 
Miroslava Duma. 

photographs via Harper's Bazaar & 

Not only is she one of THE best dressed women out there, but she's only 28 years old and extremely accomplished in the fashion industry. Considering where most people her age are in their careers, she is far beyond the curve. You go girlfriend!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Less is more ...

I have to pay homage to The Man Repeller for bringing her crazy sense of style that has inspired it's own home in the fashion world. For those of you who are unfamiliar with her cult following, I'm referencing "the arm party." This has made your jewelry choices more important than your outfit choices.

While I have a huge appreciation for accessories and LOVE sending the jewelry gods into a system overload ... sometimes less is more.
Gap belt / Tibi dress / Sam Edelman sandals / 
Giorgio Armani lipstick / Rebecca Minkoff hobo

Simplistic style is harder to achieve than participating in a trend. Trends are bottled and packaged with instructions written on the bottle. Simplicity is something you can not purchase right off the shelf.

I'll give you a few tips on how to create your niche in this category. Start with a basic dress that has a special detail or flare to its design. For example, the Tibi waffle-knit I featured above. It looks like a pretty plain day dress, however it has a very lux fabric and a beautiful full A-line skirt. Keep it simple with the accessories but make sure that they have a common theme. I chose a brown woven belt that matched a pair of brown flat sandals.

For a handbag you may think you want to pair your outfit with an accent bag, to add a pop. Don't do this. This is a common mistake made my many a fashionista. Remember, less is more. You'll end up looking like you're trying to hard and the key to having style is looking effortless. Choose a handbag that blends your look together.

I did add a bit of drama with a red lip - because who doesn't love a little lip colour fun! And voila! You have just created an instant chic outfit with no bells and whistles.